31 August 2009

Imagine Greater

Fall TV season is almost here and trailers for the upcoming shows started to appear. Here is one for Stargate Universe, scheduled to begin his run in October.

First impression brings back memories from Star Trek Voyager, promises of adventures on the other side of the universe, odd worlds and beaming people from place to place. On the closer look the show might not rise above the quotes from Star Wars and other not funny jokes from space geekopedia, not mentioning visually grey and anemic cast and the lack of sex appeal.
Me personally, I'll take re-run episode of Voyager over this on any day, hopefully with Seven wearing one of her tight silver outfits and fast talking some technical gibberish. Mmm... What was I talking about? I kinda spaced out there, oh yeah, the new show in Stargate franchise for the sci-fi junkies. Whatever.

More on Official Website.

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