07 August 2009

Once More, With Feeling

How about few interesting trailers for the upcoming video games?

First one is WET, a new video game for both Xbox and PlayStation3 that will be out in September. Interesting fact about the game is that Eliza Dushku is voicing the main character, Rubi, which according to the trailer is one bad-ass chick. The first video is unusual live action promo for the game. Why is it unusual you can see by yourself, it's really funny and original. The second video is the fast action, ass kicking and enjoyable trailer itself.

Official website with stylish design is also available, and you can also find on the web gameplay videos. Looks like fun game.

Two more cool game promos - cinematic intro for Darksiders and extended trailer for Undead Knights, are below.

This is Undead Knights, a game for PSP that will be out in October, and the trailer features very impressive battle scenes and frenzy camera movements. Hordes of zombies attacking medieval castle? That's new.


And last one is Darksiders, a game that takes its inspiration from the apocalypse and battle of Armageddon between forces of Hell and Heaven, with the player taking the role of "War", one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. After demonic forces defeat heavenly forces they claim the Earth for themselves, and "War" is sent down to Earth to restore the order.
Watch this very well directed cinematic intro.

The game is out in January, and official website is up too.

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