25 August 2009

You have to see it to believe it

No, it is not an opening sketch of Saturday Night Live, nor viral video for his new movie. It is Steven Seagal "a la naturale". Watch this promo, it explains everything.

Isn't it, like the funniest thing? Ever.

Apparently, another idea was pitched to the A&E network before, where Seagal would live with Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme in one house. BANG!!! Did that just blew your mind for real or what? This incredibly awesome idea, the coolest since the invention of gun powder, was brutally rejected, maybe because they didn't feel right not having Sylvester Stallone in that mix too. God damn you for this, A&E Network executives! God damn you...

And just in case you don't understand what am I talking about, here:


  1. haha...considering cops is still a pretty popular show after all these years. I think this might get pretty popular considering seagal is doing it.

  2. It will be instant classic. They just need to let him talk as much as possible.