14 September 2009

The Double Hour

Here is trailer for Italian La doppia ora, translated as The Double Hour, that was one of the winners at last Venice film festival, getting best female performance award for Russian actress Kseniya Rappoport.

Synopsis: Sonia, a waitress in a hotel, and Guido, a former police officer that works as a caretaker at the mansion outside of the city, meet by chance on a speed date. Feeling mutual attraction, they open up to each other, ready to fall in love. But then Guido suddenly dies, killed during the robbery at the mansion.
Sonia finds herself alone in a mourning process, memories from the past return to hunt her and the surrounding reality begins to collapse, until falling apart.

Dedicated page at the production company's website is also available.


  1. This looks very good. Looks like its the directors first movie as well. I assume it will only get a limited theater release...wait for the dvd i guess.

  2. Should be nice arthouse drama/thriller, yes. I doubt it will be in theaters outside of Europe, though.