08 September 2009

Future Plans

I knew it will be coming to this sooner or later, so here it goes. In a few months I will be leaving the hospitality of US of A and returning back to my own country. Yes, my work here is coming to an end and I can't stay. It was fun and interesting experience, but it has to be over at some point. Due to upcoming changes in my personal life I need to focus on other things, not as important as Cinema, but still very necessary. This is why I will slow down with the updates on this blog, so no more searching for content on the web and posting it here as before.
I will still continue to bring short animated films, interesting trailers and items from time to time until I actually leave, but it won't be the same. Hope you'll still continue to enjoy this blog.


  1. Screw you too!!! :p
    Where is your home country?

  2. Well, I actually didn't want to say, since it's such sensitive region and people with prejudices might get wrong ideas, but what the hell, I am freezing this blog soon anyway.
    I am from Israel, yeah, that's my country for the better or worse.