11 September 2009

Hot Topic

Nazis are hot topic, actually I think it was always like that, and here is another movie about that period in history. This time it's Norwegian drama/thriller called Svik, and the English title is Betrayal.

Synopsis: Tor Lindblom makes a fortune supplying the Nazis with everything from liquor and cigarettes to cement and steel. He also owns the Club Havana, a nightclub in Oslo frequented by the industrial elite of occupied Norway, Officers of the Wehrmacht and opportunistic hustlers of both sexes. Tor is in love with the singer in the nightclub Eva, a British double agent who works part-time for the Gestapo. When Dr. Walter from the Reich General Auditor’s Office arrives in town to check the books, events for Tor Lindblom and his business partner, SS Major Krüger, take a sudden turn for the worse.

Not really Ingloorious Basterds, looks more like Black Book sort of thing. And there are two more European films with that theme that on my list to see: Flammen & Citronen and Max Manus.

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