03 September 2009

I Started a Joke

Woody Harrelson is definitely having small acting Renaissance, and after many years of bad movies and pointless roles he is finally getting a proper attention. First, Zombieland is released next month, establishing him as an ultimate zombie killer in unusual horror comedy, another strange movie with huge cult potential, Bunraku, is currently in production and will be released in 2010, and the list is not over yet.

But the reason I am talking about him now, is this film, titled Defendor, in which he plays delusional man who believes that he is a superhero named Defendor, patrolling the streets at night and looking for his nemesis, Captain Industry. And this is looking absolutely incredible, such powerful trailer is a very rare sight.

The first impression might be, that it's just another comedy with offbeat character, doing ridiculous things and stretching his imaginable reality too far, thus causing viewers to laugh. But there are so much emotions, rage and pain under the surface, that apparently it's not that funny at all and the laughter turns to be chocking one, actually. For me it looks like one of Harrelson's finest dramatic performances, I wouldn't be surprised to see some acting awards coming his way. It all depends, eventually, whether the movie will be any good, but judging from what I see, I am not too worried about that.
The movie will premiere at Toronto film festival later this month, and the first reviews will follow.

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