02 September 2009

Lady Vengeance

Nicely edited and well presented trailer for new Russian crime thriller Intimate Enemy, previously known as Kill the King, is up, and it looks surprisingly attractive. With estimated budget of 4.5 million dollars, this film seems to have high production quality and good potential for international success, no wonder Colombia/Sony Pictures are involved.

One day the life of a young woman, Polina, is ruined. Somebody killed her beloved husband, causing her infinite sorrow. Mourning her loss, Polina starts to feel strong and compelling thirst for revenge. She decides to find the people responsible for the death of her husband and punish them.

Later I will update the post with translation. I've attached the subtitles to the video, just select CC option in the menu, in case it's not displayed automatically.


  1. Thanks a lot for posting about this and subtitling the trailer. Definitely looking forward to seeing this.