05 September 2009

There will be Blood

Awesome action clip from Ninja Assassin. Bunch of Ninjas running on the street with swords - not a sight you see everyday.

Three more clips from three films, one from 2012, second from Jennifer's Body and third from Survival of the Dead - below.

Demon that kills an Emo kid must be a good demon, no?

As expected, Emmerich once again filming long commercial for different products and then presents it like it's a movie. Now I have uncontrollable urge to buy me a Bentley.

And this is first, and kind of amusing, clip from new zombie fest by the original zombie master - George A. Romero, which raises very interesting question: can zombies live under water?

1 comment:

  1. -ha,ha,ha Ninja death by black lady driver. Man, that's one not very perceptive ninja. I am getting fed up with the Wachowski bros and their minion Jame McTeigue fetish with martial arts and stuff. Anything else guys? Well, maybe you should stick to assassins we don't want another "Invasion"!

    -Megan Fox's plastic hotness can't conceal this movie for being a turd but it can make for a fun evening of hilarity.

    -2012 looks like an orgasm of destruction. Can't wait!

    -Please someone shoot George Romero in the head. He keeps coming again and again with zombie crap.