01 October 2009

Let my people go

Wow. This is truly megalomaniac project, and as such it deserves truly megalomaniac trailer. This almost 11 (!) minute footage is the first trailer to arrive for new action movie The 5th Execution, huge Russian production with multi-international cast, that was mostly filmed on location in Thailand.
Michael Madsen, that can be seen in 42, I repeat - 42 (that's forty two), films in 2009-10, Rutger Hauer and famous Russian mix martial arts fighter Fedor Emelianenko are just the tip of the iceberg.

Although it is called The 5th Execution, this literal translation hides the original meaning as it intended to be. More accurate translation will be The 5th Plague, as in Biblical ten plagues of Egypt. The fifth plague was disease of the livestock, and this is the center plot of the movie, suspiciously preceding the outbreak of the H1N1 virus this year.

An outbreak of an unknown virus infecting the livestock has occurred on a small island in South East Asia. A specialist from an international charity mission, Maria, who has been following this outbreak, manages to locate the virus' origins in the remote village in the jungle and to send the results to her superiors in Russia. But large group of deadly mercenaries, lead by Rick (Michael Madsen), invades this village and is brutally murdering anyone in sight.
An elite SWAT squad, accompanied by number of scientists, is sent to search for Maria. They will have to fight on their way to solve the mystery of the virus and its connection to the rich pharmaceutical tycoon Mr. Hunt (Rutger Hauer).

Lots of characters, lots of plot lines, lots of action and shooting. I wonder how will they manage to squeeze all of that into 90 minutes of the planned film's length. Looks more like 190 minutes. I am not sure about exact status of this massive spectacle, but the release date was suppose to be in 2009, which is probably not going to happen. Maybe 2010. More as it comes.

Official website of the film includes full synopsis, large photo gallery and individual cast introduction. And best of all, the website has English version.

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