07 October 2009

You don't know why, but you need it

Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and Dead or Alive are not alone. Another popular fighting video game receives live action adaptation. The King of Fighters is directed by the veteran Hong Kong filmmaker Gordon Chan, and suppose to be released next year. Here is short featurette from the film.

In spirit of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and DOA: Dead or Alive, I expect this will probably flop in the same manner. Because everybody know, if you want to make successful movie, that its designated audience are geeky teenagers that walk around with Playstation joystick in their pockets, you have to cast bunch of ladies with huge knockers and uncontrollable desire to take their shirts off. And Maggie Q, as other girls in this film, are cute and kick ass, but they don't exactly have the necessary physique. Maggie is playing popular character Mai Shiranui, that's an art image of her. You see what I mean?

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