30 November 2009

Little Pony

After being screened in second-run theaters back in September, without any kind of promotion or notice, horror film Blood Creek, previously known as Town Creek, is finally getting fist trailer and DVD release date - January 19th. The movie stars Dominic Purcell, sort of new incarnation of Michael Paré, and by his presence usually indicates low budget, straight to DVD, lameass B-horrors, excessive in blood and gore, but weak on plausible story and believable characters. Such movies are only good for poster and trailer, but as watching experience goes, even in the dark room at midnight, they fail to satisfy the expectations. Seeing how this movie was treated by the distribution company hints it's just another one of those.
It was directed by Joel Schumacher of the Batman & Robin fame, that after being mainstream director during the 90's kind of faded away for a while.
And what's this movie about? The usual. Something to do with Nazis and occult experiment, mysterious objects that can give immortality but also require strict diet of human blood to prolong the effects. I am scared already.

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  1. finally trailers here the movies looks amazing dom is a top actor