26 November 2009

Trailers Roundup

Some nice trailers for Asian movies appeared lately, here is a small roundup for the best of them.

First trailer is the latest promo for the upcoming big budget Bodyguards and Assassins, rather dumb English title for the western audience, since the original name can be translated something like The October Siege. The film is about assassination attempt on Chinese political leader (real historical figure) in Hong Kong of 1905 and the group of bodyguards hired to protect him from the assassins. Thus the dumb title.
The film is drawing attention for a while now, and not only due to the massive star-packed cast, but also because of the huge sets, recreating the HK city one hundred years ago, that were made for the filming. This one is expected to be a huge hit in China.

More interesting trailers below.


Next is Indonesian slasher Waterfall Bride (Air Terjun Pengantin), done by very familiar horror formula. Bunch of happy and free young people arrive to remote place, thinking their life cannot get any better, when some crazy killer starts to hunt them down to satisfy his perverted needs. The main attraction here, obviously, is sexy bikini girls exposing their skin and then being brutally killed. Great way to entertain yourself, indeed.


This one is upcoming superhero movie from Philippines, Wapakman, staring boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, that just two weeks ago won his seventh title, the first fighter to do so. The man is considered a national hero in Philippines, he is also involved in politics, music and filmmaking. And all that when he is not dating models or fighting giant crabs.


Another superhero movie is coming from Korea and seems to be on more serious level than cartoonish Wapakman, but no less funny. Entitled Woochi, this action packed spectacle of special effects and martial arts on wires, is about Jeon Woo-chi, an undisciplined monk from the past, that by some magical way finds himself in present time.
This one looks incredibly entertaining and visually stunning, continuing the ongoing tendency of Korean cinema to surpass filmmaking virtuosity of everyone else.

Official website


And last one is The Treasure Hunter, adventure fantasy from Taiwan, and starring pop idol Jay Chou, which will also appear as Kato in troubled The Green Hornet remake next year. The trailer is really bad quality, but you can appreciate very cool imagery and action. The movie is about group of people looking for an ancient treasure buried under the desert.

More info at this page.

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