05 December 2009

Old Song

Empire film magazine is celebrating 20th birthday, so in honor of such event they asked number of movie stars to participate in special photo shoot, in which they will reprise their iconic roles. The result is quite interesting, sort of nostalgic retrospective for the memorable characters, although I don't really understand how some of the actors got in here.
I guess I don't need to explain who is what.

More pics below.

Source with a little bit more pictures - here.


  1. how come the movies last seen link has a anti piracy warning pic?

  2. hehe...very cool...jack,hopkins and crazy-one bale are perfect!!!

    hei...you see that http://laughingsquid.com/rare-exports-the-brutal-story-of-where-santas-really-come-from/ ...totally crazy, hehe!!

    by from Brasil!!!

  3. The anti piracy warning pic is a joke, sort of like meat factory workers that wear PETA shirts.

  4. And sapao, I did see these Rare Exports films, they are pretty funny. And actually they are making full length movie out of this concept, there is a short teaser already: