02 December 2009

Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake

New season of Scrubs started yesterday with two episodes and it was actually pretty decent. The show is getting a small Renaissance right now, changing the main location, saying goodbye to many old characters and welcoming new faces. I had my doubts about this season, as lots of other fans of the show, because it is not that common for TV series to do something like that. Shows run their best and then just die, only soap operas can successfully pull reincarnation.
During the last few seasons the old and familiar dynamics started to wear off, the characters didn't develop anymore and the stories became tedious and overly sentimental. The show was stuck, that special Scrubs spark faded long time ago, things just drifted along. So this new fresh start could be what this show needed - new blood of younger generation. It will be strange to accept the absence of familiar key characters, especially when some of the new ones are so annoying. Lucky for the producers, the remaining old aces can still hold the show together and keep the interest, although even they need help from the newcomers. Beginning of a beautiful friendship? Only time will tell.

One thing producers do understand is that sexy blond girls can sell, and they sure cash on that. Introducing new Australian addition to Scrubs, Nicky Whelan. She is definitely not shy about her body and you gonna hear her name a lot in the future, so brace yourselves.

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