15 January 2010

Hearing is believing

Here is trailer for Tekken, live action adaptation of popular fighting game. After so many "based on video game" terrible films we have witnessed over the years, I think this one could finally bring the redemption to the fans of such sub genre. Apparently you just need to make sound effects of the punches real enough, and slow motion of course.


  1. Awful, awful idea for a movie. Just one more shitty video game adaptation. No idea why they just don't make movies out of games that actually have stories. Serenity now...

  2. Hm. I don´t know. When it´s a shitty winter day outside, bring over some drinks and I´ll get the popcorn ready. But seriously- why not getting a real action movie like Die Hard then... at least at it´s time it was original...
    Thanks for the review and blog though, I like it a lot and if you like come over to the one I´m writing for and pay me a visit-