12 January 2010

Horrorfest is coming, prepare to be scared

After Dark Horrorfest usually brings obscure horror films, not suitable for the wide theatrical release, and most of the time it's for a reason. Because Horrorfest films are largely not good, gently speaking, they suck. Boring stories, bad acting, incompetent directors, you name it. And for most they are already available on DVDs, so why even bother.
But out of eight movies there is always a hope to find one, maybe two, that you can actually appreciate. Last year it was surprisingly nightmarish The Brøken, which I really liked, and my bet this year is on the Hidden (Skjult), Norwegian film that seems to have very unique visuals. The rest seem to be regular violence and torture porn, with crazy rednecks, sadistic killers, brutally slaughtered groups of college kids, pretty girls with big boobs, and some weird ghosts. There is also a nice looking zombie film, so maybe it's the second one.
The trailer for the Horrorfest looks attractive and interesting, this is what happens when you combine all eight films together, but don't expect them to be any good individually.

Few individual trailers are below.

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