11 January 2010

The Spiderman is dead. Long live the Spiderman.

I guess this deserves a separate "this just in" news item. Official press statement was released by Sony Pictures, announcing that Spider-Man 4 will proceed to production without these three.

This may sound surprising, but thinking again this was in the air and about to happen for a long time. Although I have my sympathy for Sam Raimi, I never understood why did he even enter the franchise, this was clearly not for him from the get go. And as for other two, I had no doubt they were incredibly bad choices, and there are no sentiments for them at all. All three were the reason Spider-Man movies sucked beyond simple suck. Boring and predictable movies, awkward conversations and embarrassing situation, unnatural and cartoonish special effects and anemic, below mediocre actors as leads, without a single drop of charisma or attractiveness, is not how you do epic and pompous superhero summer movie, because even extremely superficial pop product for the masses has its own rules.

So the departure of this group into history's oblivion can only make me happy, but after first reaction of relief, comes next reaction - so what now? As evident from the statement, the franchise will get a reboot, sending Peter Parker back to high-school, which means younger teen actors and suitable "teenagers with problems bigger than life" story line. And I naively though that the light was the end of the tunnel.
Apparently we are headed into much darker times, where Twilight style fandom of screaming teenage girls with unstable hormones is what producers are looking for. Saying that, I kinda beginning to develop strong nostalgy for the original Spider-Man cast, because at least for them I had some kind of opinion. The life experience shows that the future always looks scary, but when it actually arrives it seems less dramatic. In the case of Spider-Man 4, I would say apathy is the only logical outcome. Look, I don't care already.


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  2. I'm very happy to see that Sony got it, listened to the poor critical and fan response to the third movie, and is now more interested in trying something new than giving us another Raimi-Toby Spiderman piece of junk.

    These are probably my three least favorite superhero movies, for exactly the reasons you posted above. Each film has one scene that is always the worst scene in any movie of that year.

    Sure, the remake will probably suck too, but at least it will suck for different reasons. Sony knows these movies will always make money; why not mess with the formula. Hopefully one of the reasons for the change is that Raimi and co. spent over $100 million more on the third film somehow, and were probably going to do the same thing this next go-around.

    After Drag Me to Hell, however, I am very excited to see the next movie Sam Raimi makes, unless it's World of Warcraft.

  3. Unless it's World of Warcraft? I understand that this is exactly his next movie.
    I myself not a Warcraft fan since I don't play, but the whole fantasy creatures fighting each other with magic and spells thing sounds rather intriguing.