08 January 2010

Tool Up, Hunny Bunny

Full trailer for Kick Ass hints that maybe Big Daddy is the coolest badass in the film. While everybody just fooling around, he has more serious and destructive approach.
And I just read that 12 years old Chloë Moretz, who plays Hit Girl, completed four months of martial arts training, learning to roll, flip and run up walls. She also learned to assemble and disassemble guns, that in addition to cursing and swearing in the movie like an old sailor. I wonder what she wants to be when she'll grow up?


  1. this trailer doesnt seem as dark as the last one
    but im still excited to see it

  2. I am not sure what do you mean by "dark", but this movie is just extra violent in a comical sense.

  3. i like to think its a dark comedy with violence
    i consider a ten year old getting shot somewhat