03 January 2010

Your next epic space adventure is here. Maybe

In attempt to revive old glory, someone is trying very hard to bring back space saga Space Battleship Yamato. Started as popular TV series in '73, that spawned into numerous sequels, films and comics books over many years, the saga came out of the history's basement in 2002 when it was announced that work began on a new animated film. The result can be seen already, as the CGI animated film, that I've already mentioned before, opened in Japan few weeks ago, and now comes this short teaser for the big budget live action version about the adventures of the flying ship.
So far this comeback is getting trouble to awake excitement, as the animated film pretty much failed in Japanese box office. Maybe the live action version, coming out next year and can be just the first in the series, will do better. It sure looks decent, and lets face it, they don't make enough sci-fi movies with space battles these days.

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