01 February 2010

Last Post

So this is it. As usual visitors noticed from the lack of the posts in the last weeks, the inevitable finally happened and this blog is coming to its creative end one year after I started it. Soon I will be leaving the hospitality of United States and heading back to my home country with many nice memories, which means this blog will be frozen and shelved. I will not close it completely, but there will be no updates after this.
I don't know if or when I will do something like that again, but it probably won't happen on this blog. So it was fun, I was happy to see different people all around the world coming here to read all the silly things I write and leave me their responses, I am glad you all liked it.
Not much of a farewell guy, just want to say that it was nice period in my life, now it's time to move on. And remember, as someone once said, Cinema is not a matter of life and death, it's much more important than that.


  1. Very sad to see this blog go. I have loved coming here every day to see what strange and wonderful things you have found. I wish you only the best, and thanks for sharing your skilled searching ability. :P


  2. Thanks for everythings.
    Sad it's over but glad to know you.
    A great job.

  3. I was hoping it wouldnt get closed!
    Thanks for all the interesting posts and very good reviews and recommendations!


  4. I really appreciate this guys, this means a lot to me.
    I would prefer not to close it either because I really enjoy editing such blog. But since I have no idea what's going to happen when I am back home, and my plans don't allow me to have enough time to run it properly, as people that visit my blog deserve, I chose to stop this for now.
    You are more than welcome to visit here in a 6-7 months from now, maybe then I'll have some update on whether I am starting new blog.
    And again, thank you.

  5. Safe journeys. It'll be tough to find another film site like this.

    Cheers from San Francisco, CA.

  6. Oh,no!!! bad news to me...i love this blog...because your blog, I open my blog!! serious!!

    sad news really!! I just say good jorney and very good things on your back to home!!!
    big hugs for you!!! a friend from Brasil!!!

  7. Hi, such a shame for your blog. I've been reading it for a while now. Whish you the best.
    Greetings from Paris

  8. yo! what....! know this, you will be missed! like alot! till then hope to see u continue this amazing blog of yours! a wunderkind i say! au revoir mate!

    Always a friend! regards from Singapore.

  9. Gutted that it's over :(

    I really enjoyed visiting your site.

    All the best fella

  10. This is the best blog for movies I know, how can you close???? Pity, please don't desapear, I hope you will be back.

  11. I still visiting the blog!! hehe!

    lot of things to look!!


  12. you are crazy, sapao. :)

  13. Well,well...! it's me again, hehe!! i need some material for a post about HUNTER PREY, and "tadááh", cinemabeacon one more time!! good blogs never die!!

    cherrs and hugs from Brasil, again, my friend!!

  14. Hi...just looking for Russian movies! bye!!

  15. Very sad to see you go, enjoyed your posts.

    You should come over to Rankography without a lot of time you can still get your opinions on the best movies out there.

  16. strange!!! the blog still in "pause mode", but looking the side bar, we see many posters of movies who still news e unpublished!! this is VERY stranger, hehe!!

    Big hugs Nekrosoma, Wherever You are!...

  17. Thanks, sapao and good luck with your blog.
    Didn't visit my blog for a wile and now I see that some background images on my custom template are removed. So I changed the skin of the blog to Blogger's skin just to keep the look nice.
    Being busy lately, I'm actually studying Journalism now and maybe I'll have an opportunity to run my site at some point in the future.
    I see that I got more followers, weird, considering that this blog is on hiatus.
    Anyway, cheers.

  18. Oh, at least this blog is not abandoned~! These days its real hard to find a site that suits my taste! Support

  19. That would be awesome if this blog continued! Good luck on your studies.

  20. really a awesome post i love it a lot

  21. U will be back i'm sure of it, you are very talented.

  22. u-huuuuuuuu \o/ ME AGAIN :D .. just blogging :D

  23. I still visit this blog from time to time. To pay tribute to the nice movies, it allowed me to learn about.

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