18 February 2009

Featurette - Franklyn (2009)

Franklyn will be released in UK at the end of February, but right now there is no distributor in US for it, and it's unknown whether it will be released in US theaters at all. The trailer looks intriguing, and there is also a featurette, sort of behind the scenes, with additional footage and interviews with the cast and director.
The movie is clearly not an action film, far from it. It looks like existential sci-fi drama in Dystopian society, with some sort of anti religious theme and with big effort in visual style. Needless to say, these kind of material is not accepted well in US, maybe this is why US distributors are not in a hurry to buy the rights. So everyone is waiting to see the response of British critics and audience before making any move. Usually such movies are either total waste of time or excellent masterpiece.

Anyway, watch the trailer and the featurette below.

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