18 February 2009

Submarine Movies

Following the news about collision of two submarines in Atlantic Ocean earlier this month (read the story here), I found it as a good opportunity to remember some of the memorable films involving submarines, which are always great environment to tell a story.

There is something very Freudian about submarines, whether it's their phallic shape, or the underwater claustrophobic and closed space, symbolizing the womb. The fact that their purpose is to hide, to approach places undetected, makes submarines very mysterious, dark and dangerous - a perfect material for a movie. Therefore numerous films were created involving submarines in any possible way. So I will list some of more familiar films, from recent history. Enjoy.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, USA (2004)

Absolutely fantastic movie with great acting performance by all actors. The story is surreal, funny and very touching, director Wes Anderson manages to create really magical reality with incredible depth. Not really a submarine movie per se, but very close.

U-571, France/USA (2000)

Suspenseful and entertaining war movie, maybe not perfect, but still worth watching.

Down Periscope, USA (1996)

Harmless submarine comedy in The Police Academy style. Fucked up characters and some good laughs.

Crimson Tide, USA (1995)

Less war, more intense drama and battle between ideologies. Nothing special but the acting is superb.

The Hunt for Red October, USA (1990)

Based on the book by Tom Clancy, the movie is full with top actors. Decent espionage thriller that provides what it suppose to.

Das Boot, West Germany (1981)

The movie has big cult following and considered one of the best war movies, with powerful story that hard to forget. Very gritty and unique.

20000 Leagues Under the Sea, USA (1954)

No list about submarine movies is complete without Captain Nemo. Many films and TV series were made based on the Jules Verne adventure book. This film is from more innocent time, without CGI effects and clever technologies. Classic adventure that doesn't really stand the test of time, but it's worth remembering anyway.

That's pretty much the tip of the iceberg and you are welcome to add more titles in the comments.

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