19 March 2009

Rumors - "Rome: The Movie" is in works

Just read the news that HBO's ruthless and bloody show Rome is about to come back in more cinematic form, as a movie, in 2010. And while I am certainly glad to hear that, something still don't feel right.
The show was very bold, both in narrative approach and in violence it presented, it was nothing like big studio productions from the Hollywood's golden age. The Rome as seen in this show was never displayed before, never was this city so realistic and brutal. And through all the blood, stabbed bodies and shameless sex and nudity, you could recognize true passion, moral ideals and even love. The greatest achievement of this show was psychological characterization of the Roman people - they are exactly like us, with all the faults and weaknesses of human nature. It was very amusing to see offensive graffiti on the walls, or first Italian crime organizations.

Anyway, whatever was the reason for ending the show, whether it's the high cost of production, or logical conclusion of the story, it ended on its peak. And while it could be considered as too abrupt, judging by the number of question marks and strong desire to see more, I liked the way it ended. After giving this show highest marks and placing it on the shelf with "greatest shows ever" label, I closed that chapter in my mind already, not expecting that someone will crudely disturb the peace of this nostalgic niche. But the world doesn't spin around me (too bad), and someone decided to bring the story back to life. So I have no choice but to shake the dust from this memory, and prepare myself to see more adventures of Lucius Vorenus, Titus Pullo and Atia of the Julii, with only one small request - I want to see same depravity and violence as in the show.

Read the interview with Ray Stevenson, in which he talks about re-opening the Rome here

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