19 March 2009

Teaser - Simpletons (Lopuhi), 2009

Simpletons (Lopuhi) is a new Russian comedy that I've found very interesting, so I'll post it as item.
Short trivia: the meaning of the slang word "Lopuh" is "naive person who is easily imposed on or taken advantage of", but it is also a person who, by being clueless, enters unexpected and complicated situations.

Anyway, the movie tells a story about three friends leaving their small town to find luck as performers in Moscow, and mistakenly taken as entertainment group, hired to perform a show in the night club run by local mafia. With no choice they perform a show, and it's so hilarious that the mob Boss drops dead from laughter (seriously - he dies).
Realizing that they are in big trouble, the three are fled the scene by stealing old car, that, how surprising, is filled with mob's money.
Now they are on the run from police, mobsters and hired assassins, that are after them. Now they are not Simpletons, but a real gang.

The people responsible for this film are known Russian comedy group.

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