12 March 2009

Teaser - Baton (2009)

More Japanese goods. First teaser for animated movie Baton appeared at the official website, and it looks like a combination between traditional animation and rotoscope technique (filming real people and then animating their images). This technique was used in pre-computer times, with notable example of Ralph Bakshi that was using it a lot in his films.
Baton is directed by Ryûhei Kitamura, usually live action director and it's his first animation project. Kitamura is very successful director with big hits and cult following, not only in Japan. His Versus became huge hit in DVD stores in US, and that helped him to be discovered at international scene. And while he can be very creative and exciting with movies like Versus, Azumi (my favorite) and even Godzilla: Final Wars, he can also be completely boring and repetitive with movies like Sky High and Alive.
Baton is clearly a sci-fi story, and it's about future Earth.

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