12 March 2009

Trailers - Japanese films of 2009

If I can review all my movies that I've ever watched and select those that I really liked, I think the country that provided most of them will be USA, but this is really kinda obvious and not that hard to see.
On the second place, very close to the first and with big distance from the third, will be Japan, no doubt. Whether it's wacky exploitation and Samurai movies from 60's and 70's, or new Japanese wave with Kitano and Miike at the helm, and even horror films with long hair ghosts. Add to this Anime in all its forms, and I think I can move Japan to the first place very soon.
Japanese cinema is simply bursting with movies, anyone with the camera shots a film. And it doesn't matter if production values are crap, somehow with magic touch Japanese cinema is simply exciting, producing gems all the time. Versus, Cure, Ichi, Machine Girl, whatever. The next gem is just behind the corner.
Here is three trailers for what can be next sensation. Enjoy.

Hard Revenge, Milly: Bloody Battle




High Kick Girl!

Courtesy of Nippon Cinema.

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