24 April 2009

10 Movies With Best Endings, No Spoilers - Part 2

I've posted some time ago 10 movies with best endings, now it's time to mention another 10. In no particular order.

Easy Rider, 1969

One of most important movies in American history, a movie that more than anything symbolizes the spirit of 60's, it is simply a piece of history. It's enough to look at the responses on the poster to see what I mean.
I think it was the ending that really made this film special, this is why people remember it for so long.

Being John Malkovich, 1999

You cannot dream about better debut. It was the first feature film for both director and writer, and without any sentiments or complexes, they just did it. I went to watch this twice in theater, I was just blown away.
The ending is fantastic, it creates correct emotional and thematic resolution to the story, making the movie perfectly complete.

28 Days Later..., 2002

After showing bleak, disturbing and haunting reality of post apocalyptic world, after scaring the shit out of his viewers with both terrifying and depressing images, Danny Boyle ends the movie with complete opposite.
The sense of desperation, coming from the film, is overthrown by the sense of optimism and hope. I think it was great manipulation of the emotions and great recreation of the feeling, that comes after waking up from a nightmare. Great ending song too.

Blow Out, 1981

One of the best films by Brian De Palma in his golden age. And although he was still trying to imitate greater directors, he still managed to create quite intense and thrilling movie. The ending is deep on so many levels.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969

Classic movie with classic actors. Redford, Newman and beautiful Katharine Ross. I don't think anyone can resist it.
Great piece of nostalgy, and how about that ending? Can you even imagine today a similar movie with George Clooney and Brad Pitt that ends in the same manner? I don't think so.

Cure (Kyua), 1997

If someone still not familiar with director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, this is the perfect film for his introduction. Slow, enigmatic, scary as hell, and very mysterious.
By the end you are in complete trance state, completely hypnotized.

The Hate (La Haine), 1995

This is how you make a film with political content. Beautifully shot in B&W, this film has no hypocrisy, no fake sentiments, no cheap emotional manipulations or propaganda. The Hate is pure and simple, it delivers rough and violent reality in very honest and direct way. This is iconic film of 90's.

Nights of Cabiria (Le notti di Cabiria), 1957

Early Fellini at his best, before sliding into more experimental stuff. Italian neo-realism made the biggest revolution in world cinema, and this film is a perfect example to explain why.

Soylent Green, 1973

When I first watched it, I couldn't believe this is a studio film. The content is very subversive and provocative, I did not expect to see anything like that. The movie done very well and describes the anti-utopian society in very believable way with some striking images and scenes. Very memorable film with great performance and story.

Pusher, 1996

Extremely violent crime drama from Denmark, showing nasty and ugly side of life. The best ending is the one you never see coming.


  1. how can you not have The Usual Suspects in either list?

  2. You right, The Usual Suspects is indeed suitable for such list. But, I do have a little problem with it and with The Sixth Sense as another example.

    While both are great movies and their ending is truly remarkable, at least for me they are good only for the first viewing, and did not make that special effect of great ending the next time I saw it.

    They are "twist" movies, as opposed to the movies that I listed, which can be watched multiple times and still have the same effect in the end.

    This is why I didn't picked them up. Of course, if I'll do a list of the movies with the best twist - both are in. That is actually not a bad idea.

  3. La Haine really was all all-round amazing film and definitely has one of the best endings. As does Lilya-4-Ever

  4. I have to agree with La Haine being on there. Absolutely fantastic film. Entertaining to watch, but a great subversive political message.