25 April 2009

News/Rumors Summary From Previous Week

Photo from the set of the Shutter Island. Here you can see the stars - Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Williams, as well as director Martin Scorsese, having a laugh.

This is Johnny Depp as creepy Mad Hatter on the set of Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton.
Since the source of the picture is Depp's fan site, it could be also a photoshop job, especially since he is filming The Rum Diary right now.
It could also be a picture from his screen test, when they tried different looks of concept design, so judge by yourself.

Last week's big story. News of the World newspaper decided to perform a sting operation, in which they contacted Rubina Ali's father (the girl actress from Slumdog Millionaire), and offered him large sum of cash if he sells his daughter to some rich family.
According to the story, the deal could have been completed, but the father requested too much money. The newspaper went ahead and published the story, creating wave of responses all over the world.
The family denied allegations, of course, other sources tell that they thought it was an acting job proposition of some sort. Indian police investigated the case, but could not contact the reporters that were involved in the sting, and thus closed the case for the lack of evidence.
Now, News of the World has questionable reputation, as suitable for tabloid, so no one can actually trust whatever they say. As well as no one trusts the father, who did not received much money from the producers of the film in the first place, and now desperate to cash on the success of his daughter. After all, they sill live in slums. Whatever this whole thing is, no one really wins here, especially the girl.

Great news for all sci-fi fans. The remake of Dune, first commercial attempt and colossal failure of David Lynch, is on its way.
Based on popular classic series of novels by Frank Herbert, new film will be directed by Peter Berg, that started as an actor long time ago and slowly turned himself into quite solid Hollywood director.
This will not be easy at all, and I think it will end up as trilogy of some kind. I also don't think it's going to be ready for 2010 as scheduled right now, looks more like 2012 to me if they want to do it right.
We'll see.

Live action Ninja turtles movie, planned for 2011, has been announced. As it is popular these days, the film will be a reboot of the franchise, and will start the story from the beginning. The movie, reportedly, will feature latest computer graphic techniques, with human actors in special suits do all the movements and later the computer replaces them with images of Turtles. So it will not be like previous films from 90's, there will be no big and clumsy Turtle costumes.

Robert Rodriguez confirms he will be working on new Predator film. In an interview, he tells that long time ago he was writing a sequel to the first Predator, you know, the one in which California governor fights child molester. Ok, that one is not true. I mean the one with the cool alien that could turn himself invisible.
So, he called it Predators as homage to Cameron's Aliens, and just unleashed his wild ideas on paper.
And recently he received a call from studio executive that wanted to discuss it. In that trial script, the story takes place on the home planet of Predator's race, and it's about human, that was kidnapped by them and placed in some kind of alien zoo for general amusement and also for gladiator style fights. Fights against Aliens, I suppose.
Lately Rodriguez has been announcing too many projects, but the only solid news so far is that his Sin City 2 production just lost a studio support, due to expired rights. To me this whole thing just looks unreliable right now, I'll believe it only when I'll see it on the screen.

Hilarious poster for Bruno.

Homophobes, beware!

First picture from the currently filming Robin Hood. Russel Crowe, seen here with a crossbow, is the newest version of famous terrorist.
According to early publications, the movie is not going to be just another retelling of the story, but a new interpretation of the whole thing.

Interesting poster for the second season of True Blood, starting in June. I liked the show very much and looking forward for this.

Three new promotional pictures for Korean vampire drama Thirst.

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