10 April 2009

Trailer for retro horror film Smash Cut (2009)

Canadian indie filmmakers are responsible for this tribute to Herschell Gordon Lewis, who is known as "Godfather of Gore". In the very beginning of 60's Lewis introduced to American "drive in" audience low budget horror films with extreme focus on bloody gore and graphic violence.
Smash Cut features same characteristics, and as homage they even got Gordon Lewis himself in a small role. In leading role is another iconic person - David Hess, cult actor known for his portrayal of maniac killers, and the film also features porn star Sasha Grey, whom I already mentioned before.

Smash Cut is about murderous exploits of Able Whitman, a horror-film director whose films are panned by critics and audiences alike - until he starts killing people and using their body parts as props in his new movie in order to make it look real.


  1. i wonder how sasha grey got her part lol but this looks very good...looking forward to Smash Cut

  2. Hey, Frank. This is indeed very curious...

    But on more serious note, from what I understand Sasha Grey is really smart girl. I've read that she is quite educated and far from being simpleton. How did she end up in porn? That's for her psychologist to say, I guess.

  3. BTW, Twitch managed to talk to director and ask him stuff. He also talks about Sasha, it's pretty interesting. Check it out: