17 May 2009

Films Updates

Number of updates for the projects, that I am following after for some time now.


First is Hong Kong's Storm Warriors, a sequel to the cult hit Storm Riders from 1998. Needles to say that the visual effects will be on completely different level. Whether it's a good thing - everyone will decide by themselves. Me, I am always for the progress. A 30 minutes promo was shown at film market at Cannes, so I expect new trailer/promotional footage and more photos to appear online very soon. The movie is scheduled to be released in December, to the western hemisphere it will arrive much later in the form of thin and shiny disk.

Visit, English version available, official website for more info.


Second, from the same area and close in spirit, is the Tracing Shadow, which is not on IMDb yet. Hong Kong cinema icon Francis Ng is directing and also starring. This nice looking wuxia project was sold at Cannes and will be released in number of Asian countries at some point this summer, which means DVD coming later and we can watch it too.


Third, is the I Sell The Dead, which looks like "fan favorite" and "cult classic" is written all over it. After year of traveling among festival circuits, the movie finally landed at IFC films, that has acquired US distribution rights. Starring some familiar, cult following actors, the film will be available for general public in August.

More info and stuff at official website.


And last is the highly anticipated Australian revenge thriller The Horseman, which after many festivals got positive reviews and only praises from all possible directions. Media 8 acquired the rights of distribution and we all will be able to enjoy it very soon.

I've posted longer trailer before, and official website with more info and behind the scenes footage is available as well.

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