18 May 2009

Sex Scene That Was Cut Out From Inhabited Island

Inhabited Island is a Russian big budget (reported $36 million) blockbuster, which despite being divided into two parts, hasn't been able to cover its expenses yet. Released in last December only in Russia and former Soviet block, Russian speaking countries, it proved to be very weak in critical and public response.
I saw the first part, and being disappointed by the silliness of it, I found it quite impressive on the production and visual sides.
Following the negative reviews, the second part was re-edited to make the film more focused and better, but upon its release last month it flopped at the box office anyway. One of the scenes that was cut out is the sex scene between the main protagonist and his love interest.
I have now that one minute scene for everyone's pleasure, with boobs action, and as expected it is extremely cheesy and saccharinic as hell. It takes some time to load the video, so be patient, it will work eventually.

The rest of the posts covering this movie - here. The movie expected to be released later this year to world markets as well, probably only as DVD and Bluray, not in theaters. I personally think that international response will be more positive, if only because embarrassing use of Russian language in this movie will be less significant for the international viewers, for obvious reasons.

Update: I found this video of Yulia Snigir, the actress from the movie, doing a photoshoot for Russian Maxim magazine. Enjoy.

Source with a bit more pics and an interview.


  1. the clip was removed from the hosting service. I will upload it later again.

  2. Both videos are working again :)