04 May 2009

Lord Of The Rings Fans Must Watch This

Fan produced The Hunt For Gollum (2009) is finally here, and it looks very good.

If you didn't hear about this movie yet, we are talking about unofficial and unauthorized prequel to the LOTR trilogy. The movie is only 47 minutes long, the production started in 2007, filming in England, and involved many people that volunteered and worked for free. Production cost was only £3,000 because of it, but the final result looks like it was 3 million. The film is completely free and the creators have no intention to make any profits from it.
I don't want to post it here, instead I urge you to visit Official Website and watch it there is HD quality, see behind the scenes videos and read more info about the production of this film. And if you doubt how good such fan movie can even be, you got a big surprise waiting for you.
The Official Blog, decribing all the way this film did since the beginning, is also available. No LOTR fan should miss this event.


  1. hey....u can fined the full muvie in HD on youtube

  2. You right. Since I posted this story the full movie appeared on youtube in HD quality: