04 May 2009

Something with Hinako

I am not going to point out who will be the target audience interested to see this ero-anime fitness video, nor I am going to say that this is probably most non-efficient way to make someone get up from the couch and do a sit-ups. Because the last thing I want to do is to move my eyes away from the screen.
What I do want to mention, is that this 24 minute DVD named Training With Hinako, which is obviously pointless as training video itself, was out a week ago and became a huge hit on Japanese Amazon DVD sells list. Watch this first episode, with English subs, and tell me if you suddenly eager to start the exercise right away, and what exactly are you planning to workout.

As I understand, in the later episodes Hinako brings friends to help her and to take some pressure of herself, after all fitness training can be so exhausting.

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