20 May 2009

New Teaser for the upcoming Russian blockbuster Black Lightning

Timur Bekmambetov is a busy guy. The Russian director of the last year sensation Wanted is strong in Hollywood business and responsible as producer for number of upcoming projects, including Shane Acker's animated film 9.
But he does not forget where he came from and attached his name as producer for upcoming big budget Russian movie Black Lightning.

The movie is described as the first Russian superhero movie, and it is a story of a young student that one day finds an old Russian car that apparently can fly. Taking upon himself the role of a hero vigilante and armed with this flying car, he goes to fight crime and general misdoings.

The movie is suppose to came out in December, but the viral publicity started some time ago with a teaser, concept art and posters. Here is the latest teaser, that includes old computer animated footage in addition to the new filmed material. It's very short and doesn't say much, but if it's there why not to post it?

The director of the film is Alexander Voytinskiy, an old buddy of Timur and his partner in business, both run a production company. Universal studio seems to back up the project, probably as potential distributor. So right now things are looking nicely for Timur and his team.

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