20 May 2009

Trailer for Arthouse Film Visage (2009)

Visage (Face) is directed by acclaimed director, one of the real Auteurs, Ming-liang Tsai, and presented right now at Cannes Film Festival as part of competition.
Starring in the film is Laetitia Casta, former super model, that in her younger days walked the podium for Victoria's Secret, shot photos for Sports Illustrated, and was on the cover of every respectful fashion magazine. But for some time now she is trying to be an actress, in between the movies she is giving birth to babies (3 already), and I think she even sings. Busy woman. Besides her there is bunch of other very famous French actors.
Anyway, here is the strange, yet very pleasant trailer for the elitists among us.

1 comment:

  1. When you wrote: "she is trying",
    did you lose your head as John the Baptist
    to talk this way about Salome? ;-)

    To have a movie
    in the Cannes official selection,
    this should be more than an attempt.
    Anyway I like the mood of your article.