25 May 2009

News/Rumors summary

First look at the new The Tonight Show set, prepared especially for Conan O'Brien takeover. Conan starts hosting the show on June 1st and he will be Leno's last guest on May 29th. Conan's first guest will be Will Ferrell and musical guest the band Pearl Jam. And by the way, his old pal and former sidekick Andy Richter is going to be the announcer of the show and participate in the comedy sketches. So no more wacky and bizarre Joel, that decided to retire. The Max Weinberg 7 will continue to be show's band, of course.


For his promotional interviews before release of Angels & Demons, Ewan McGregor was asked about a rumored sequel for cult classic Trainspotting. Apparently Danny Boyle was ready, the whole cast was ready, but McGregor came out as the smartest one and refused to the offer. And without green light from him the idea seems to be doomed. Nice one, Ewan, total respect.


Inglourious Basterds are back to editing room. Following mostly negative responses from the Cannes screening, and despite the prize for the best male acting performance this movie has won, the studio bosses ordered Tarantino to go back and re-edit the film. The release scheduled to happen in August, plenty of time for Quentin to squeeze something worthy out of it.


Last week I wrote how Megan Fox admitted to have a lesbian crush on Olivia Wilde, and what a joy, Olivia didn't wait too long with the response. The hottie was listed as most sexiest woman on the recent list by Maxim magazine, with Megan only second, and while participating in photoshoot to GQ magazine she talked about Megan's proposal to strangle a mountain ox for her.
I came into my trailer at House (TV show House M.D) the morning after that article came out, and one of our writers had done an illustration on my mirror of a mountain ox saying, ‘Save me, save me. Please, Olivia, make out with Megan!’ [...] Of course, anything I can do to save the mountain ox, I’m happy to do.
She is probably not very serious and just making fun, but Olivia already had a juicy lesbian make out experience when she was a guest star on another TV show, The O.C. Her character was having a lesbian affair with Mischa Barton's character, highlights of which you can see in the video below.

To be continued?


Talking about lesbian affair, how about that picture of Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci? Promoting their new film Ne te retourne pas (Don't Look Back), the ladies took that picture for some French magazine. How do you say "Mountain Ox" in French?
Watch two teaser trailers for the film: 1 and 2.


First characters photos were released from the set of The Last Airbender, directed by none other than M. Night "I see dead people" Shyamalan. The movie is based on very popular animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and expected to be one of the highlights in next year's releases. The mean looking guy is Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire, playing Prince Zuko the firebender, and the little one is the main character, Aang the airbender. Somehow I though he will be older, hmm...
Visit this fan site for complete coverage.


Olga Kurylenko is keeping herself busy and just finished shooting Centurion, that some demo reel from it was shown to selected people in Cannes, and the rumors say it's quite impressive filmmaking. So we'll wait for that, but she also has a smaller film coming out sometime in the future, a French produced Israeli action film Kirot (Murs). Murs is French for Walls, which is how the movie originally called in Hebrew.
Kurylenko is playing a Russian assassin, forced to work for a shadowy organization, but she escapes and plans her revenge together with another victim of that organization. The other girl on the pic is Ninette Tayeb, who was actually the winner of the very first The Star is Born show, an Israeli version of American Idol. This is her first movie role. The director of the film is Danny Lerner, known for his critically successful first feature Frozen Days, which, in my opinion, is way too overrated than its actual value. Lerner is considered as future promise of Israeli cinema and one of the few film makers that trying to do genre films there. When asked what is Kirot about, he said "It's about two girls and lots of guns".
While it sounds promising and the presence of star like Kurylenko guarantees lots of international attention and festivals, I would be cautious about this film at this stage. The film is in post-production for a long time now, so I expect teaser trailer very soon.


No, Robert Downey Jr is not fighting on the streets and it's not real bruises on his face, this is his martial arts trainer for the Iron Man 2. The photos were taken on the parking lot of the film set, while they were practicing their routine.

And the last item, here is five new viral posters for Bruce Willis' action sci-fi movie Surrogates. I am starting to like this movie more and more.


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