24 June 2009

Forbidden Reality

The fact that Russian cinema is on the rise, investing more money and, more importantly, more imagination into the films, is known for a long time. The production values are high, the use of latest CGI technology is very polished and slick, the human resources are unlimited, hot chicks and weapons, martial arts and slow motion, you know, the usual. There is still a slight problem with the content and the narratives, which in most cases suck big time, but how is that different from other countries?

And here is another proof. New Russian sci-fi action flick Forbidden Reality, formerly known as Smersh XXI , have new trailer and it looks pure Hollywood.
Based on the novel by very popular sci-fi writer Vasiliy Golovachev, the film tells a story of an agent betrayed by his partner when transporting new psychic weapon. Believed to be dead, he escapes and takes new identity so he can live in peace far away. But later he is forced to return to Moscow to confront a secret organization, led by his former partner, that attempts to use the dangerous weapon in order to take control over the country. Now he is a key figure in the battle between forces of darkness and light.

Patriotic themes and super cool soldier fighting for his country is not a new thing, but somehow Russian cinema takes it way too serious. Nevertheless, it looks like a good ride.

Update: I've replaced the trailer with the new one. It is better picture quality than before.

The film will be released to Russian theaters in October, expect it on DVD by the end of the year.

More info, including photos, at official blog and production company website.


  1. I know.
    But I'll watch it on DVD, and I think some other people will see it too.