03 June 2009

Movies - Last Seen

O' Horten, Norway (2007)

There is nothing special in that movie, nothing extraordinary. No violence, no politics, no sex, no brutal deaths, no religion. It is not really funny as a comedy, it is also not very interesting as a drama. It is mostly boring and there is not much going on in this film at all, there is almost no solid story.
So how is that possible, that when this simple film is over, the first thought that crossed my mind was "This film is the reason why I love movies".

A 67 years old train engineer, working most of his life on the trains, is finally retiring from his job. But being free to do what he wants is not always easy, and Odd Horten finds it especially hard. He walks around with no self purpose, meeting people, talking to people and just looking for something to do.

The movie is generally amusing, in a peaceful way, following the main hero on his anti-adventures and by the end the story becomes somewhat surreal and strange. Although the watching experience is not that exciting, when it is over and the credits roll on the screen, you find that this small and insignificant film left its impact after all. The impact shapes fast into impression and impression into opinion, which can be only - "this film is the reason why I love movies". And if you don't reach the same conclusion, then sorry, but you don't really like or understand movies. And it's a fact.


The Warriors, USA (1979)

Things go wrong on the big meeting of the NY gangs, and the leader of the largest gang is killed. Falsely accused in his murder, the members of the gang The Warriors find themselves on the hostile streets of New York at night, trying to make their way home, while other gangs try to hunt and hurt them.

This cult classic is a cultural phenomena that goes beyond the simple representation of the tough and violent life of the NY gangs, which actually existed in similar way as described in the film, and some real gangs even participated in the movie.
It also goes beyond political anti-capitalism statements and beyond glorification of the working class morality. This is a journey of the whole mankind, a journey filled with dangers and traps, a constant struggle, which is life itself. And by the end of such journey one hopes to find a better future, only to realize there is no better future, just another journey.
The Warriors is not only great film, getting better and better as the time passes, it is a real piece of history from cinematic hall of fame. This one is for the books.


BTW, the remake is coming next year, courtesy of evil and demonic men lurking in the dark corners of Hollywood.

The Unborn, USA (2009)

I am not sure if this heresy can be even called a movie. Same way the Haunted house on Halloween cannot be called a theater play. Yes, this abomination is on the same level as a ride in amusement park.
Full of horror cliches, this movie decides to go to a new territory - a Jewish mysticism, because not only Catholics have scary ghosts.
This time it's a demon from hell that wants something, I am not sure what. And he goes around, possessing people, and there is some old movie with a door, and some people die. Lots of screaming and loud intense music, lots of unintentionally funny bits.
There is no actual point to this mess, and if I'll try to find one after all, this movie is a warning to the parents, especially fathers of a young girls, to pay more attention to their daughters. Because if they won't, their child will go and have unprotected sex with her boyfriend, and believe me, nothing good can come out of that.

Kudos to absolutely gorgeous Odette Yustman and the costume department for finding those white panties. It was the single highlight of the film.


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