04 June 2009

Welcome To The Dollhouse

Hell yeah! A second teaser trailer for the upcoming horror REC 2 is here, and now we can actually see some gore action. Looks like first person view is still on, it actually couldn't be otherwise. The first REC was incredibly scary and thrilling, I really can't wait to see the sequel.
There is still no synopsis, but it looks like direct continuation of the first one in the same house.

Official website is also available.


  1. Looking forward to this...it kind of looks like a resident evil movie...the first [rec] was very good

  2. They really going here for the first person shooter look, and I like it. Don't be surprised if a video game will come out with the film or later. And the first one I watched in the dark room at night and it got me completely terrified, especially in the end. There were some moments that I just couldn't breath. :)