05 July 2009


The disturbing thing is, that one second after he vilely took the title from Roddick, who really deserved it today, a bunch of commercials with congratulations for Roger's win were shown. Including a spot in which Federer pulls a cart with all his 15 trophies to his plane.

I understand why somebody did it, and why successful professional athletes have sponsors and do commercials, but filming congratulations and acting like he already won the title, long time before he actually did it, well... it takes the sport fairness out of it, makes the achievement cheap, like a secondary prize for the huge amounts of money he receives for all that posing to cameras. It feels like fake, like arrogance, like people have no shame anymore.

I am a Federer fan for a long time now, and I wanted him to win, but knowing now how all these shameless moneysuckers will turn it to their favor... fuck, now I wish Roddick was a winner, taking the smug smile off their fat faces.

Without downplaying Federer's amazing accomplishment, done with extreme coolness and rare patience, Roddick was better today by just a little, and by losing focus for only 10 seconds he allowed Federer to make history.
So congratulation to Roger Federer for his record 15th grand slam title, he is indeed the best tennis player in history. I am not so sure about his ethical approach, though. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw ethical and high moral person achieves anything like that in his life?

Morality begins at the point of a gun.
— Mao Zedong

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