31 July 2009

Grab it by the ears

Trailer for You Might As Well Live brings back to the spotlight the character of dysfunctional looser that everybody hate. And looser not because of uncontrollable misfortunes and bad luck, but because he is annoying moron that just by his appearance alone is asking for a punch in the face. This independent comedy seems to go far with that image, placing him in some pretty fucked up story.

Robert R. Mutt has never had it easy. His family thinks he’s a moron, the neighbors think he’s a pervert, and almost everyone else thinks he’s a total douche bag. He’s failed at everything he’s ever tried to accomplish, including his own suicide. If that wasn’t enough, he’s just been kicked out of the only place where he’s ever felt at home, the depression ward of the Riverside Mental Hospital… for being too happy. Despite all this, Robert is determined to prove that he’s “a real somebody,” and on the advice of his childhood hero (former local baseball hero Clinton Manitoba), he sets out to attain the three keys to success – some money, a girl, and a championship ring. This sets Robert on a madcap adventure involving a drug racket, a roller-skating transvestite, a bar-mitzvah and an air hockey tournament which leads to heartbreak and unexpected triumph.

Found via Quiet Earth, visit also official website.

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  1. fuck the internet...right in the face
    Looks like a funny movie. But its always kind of funny to see how far people will go for acceptance.