01 August 2009

News/Rumors Summary

When Curb Your Enthusiasm, an HBO comedy show starring co-creator of Seinfeld Larry David, ended its sixth season back in November 2007, many people were certain that this is the end of the series. Larry was going in the same year through divorce from his real life wife and got some nice media coverage on that, and the show was kind of stuck, plunging deeper into the depth of absurdity. No one could really see what kind of material can bring the show back for another season, but then, shockingly, Larry pulled an ace right out of his sleeve. A Seinfeld reunion! Absolutely genius.
After ten years of constant refusal on various offers, claiming that no more Seinfeld episodes will be ever made, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David finally found a loophole - a FAKE Seinfeld reunion. Simply brilliant.

Now try to follow me on this one: in the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, fake Larry David offers fake Jerry Seinfeld to make a real Seinfeld reunion episode, which is actually a double fake, a show inside the show. So we are going to see three levels of inter-textual content - real actors are playing their fake versions, and trying to make fake reunion of their real show with their real fictional characters... Oh boy, I am so fucking confused right now. Only twisted mind of Larry David can invent something like that.

The real/fake reunion will be in the center of the new season, with the whole cast and some supporting actors (Newman!) appearing as themselves.
The photo above is first promotional image of the main cast back together, and I don't need to say that this will be huge story during upcoming TV Fall season, making lots of headlines and drawing lots of attention.
More info and short video interview with David is here. To be continued...

Prequel for Alien has a director, number of sequels for popular movies will start filming next year, some images from Comic Con, Bruce Lee is getting new biopic, insert yourself into the world of Mad Men, concept art for Tron Legacy and more images and info, below.


Prequel for Alien is a fact for some time now, and the project finally has director attached - non other than Ridley Scott, the creator of the original film. How is he going to treat his creation after 30 years is unknown right now, but many people are excited. My opinion on Scott I've mentioned before, so I think it's a good gimmick and plenty directions for the marketing and promotion department to exploit, but I prefer to keep my expectations low on this one.


Futuristic concept art for Tron Legacy.


To fight all the evil rumors about Green Hornet's cancellation and to show that everything is in order and in full throttle, Seth Rogen revealed at Comic Con "Black Beauty", the car of the masked vigilante. In addition the studio released rumors that Nic Cage is interested in the role of the villain in the film, that in addition to previous announcement that Cameron Diaz will be in the film as well. Problems? What problems?


Some teaser posters and images from Prince of Persia. Wet Gemma Arterton looks really good.


World of WarCraft movie, called simply Warcraft, is going to happen. Sam Raimi will direct right after he is done with Spiderman 4, both scheduled for 2011. Quick look at his upcoming projects reveals 21(!!!!!!!) films in development, so new Lord of the Rings it won't be.


Some slick images from Iron Man 2. Robert continues to look extremely serious. And new viral website for the film is available.


Now you can animate yourself and see how you look like in the world of Mad Men. Follow this link to "madmen" yourself. And by the way, this is me. The illustration quality makes the look better and flattering, but it's kinda similar.


I saw unaired last episode of Dollhouse and it's fantastic story with great dialogs. There are actually two unaired episodes. One is original Pilot of the series, that some scenes from it appeared in later episodes, but its plot cannot be connected to the rest of the episodes due to some narrative contradictions. It really works great as a Pilot, much better than what was shown eventually and it presents Whedon's original vision for the show. Why it was changed I don't know, but I wish I could see entire series that started from that episode.
Anyway, the last episode, "Epitaph One", is a look into the future of the series with lots of mysteries and lots of questions. It's like seeing the ending of fifth season in the end of the first one, and it's only creating interest to see all of it. If the show indeed will take that direction, it will be really exciting to follow the story.
Meantime, second season is in preparations and new actors will be joining the show. Right now the biggest names are Summer Glau (River Tam in Firefly) and Alexis Denisof (Wesley in Buffy and Angel, and he is actually married to Alyson Hannigan, Willow in Buffy). So it all stays in the family.


Speaking of Joss Whedon, he wrote and produced a horror film The Cabin in the Woods, which has these posters. Self aware and self ironic horror film? That should be interesting.


Some new images from Astro Boy. Apparently David Bowers, director of the film, directed Flushed Away before, which I really, really like, much more than most of the Pixar's stuff.


New faces of Avatar's alien race Na'vi. August 21st is "Avatar Day", during which a short 15 minute clip will be shown in many IMAX theaters for free. Details on which theaters, in what countries and how to get tickets will be published soon. At the same day or maybe a little bit later, trailer for the anticipated film should also appear. Waiting.


This is first concept art for the Sucker Punch, next live action film by Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen. The film features very impressive female cast, and the tagline for the film is "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns". Expect the unexpected.


Pirates of the Caribbean 4: One of the producers dropped the news that the sequel will start shooting next year with plans to create another trilogy. Not many details on this right now, but rumors insist that extravagant Russell Brand will play the brother of Jack Sparrow, with Depp returning in his role as well. Regarding Bloom and Knightley, chances for their return are very low, but expect proper replacement with younger and promising new faces. Gore Verbinski, director of the first three films will probably not direct it, some reports indicating Rob Marshall instead.

Untitled 300 sequel: According to first reports, the screenplay for the sequel is almost ready. Zack Snyder attached to direct next year.

Gary Oldman was promoting The Book of Eli at Comic Con and was asked about next Batman movie. After which he dropped the bomb, saying that the filming will start next year. Oldman, that plays Commissioner Gordon, probably wasn't authorized to say something like that, and I am sure Warner Bros are very angry at him if this is true. Of course no more details about the film.

Wanted 2: Timur Bekmambetov was also at Comic Con, and he announced there that he will direct the sequel next year. James McAvoy will be back as Wesley Gibson, and producers are working very hard to get Angelina Jolie back to the film as well.


Beijing based movie company announced recently that it would work with Lee's family to produce a movie portraying "the truest Bruce Lee" for his fans worldwide. Apparently this is the first time Lee's family authorizing a movie based on his life, maybe because they will also participate in the making of the film.
"The movie will have three episodes describing the star's youth, his martial-arts film time, his great success and unexpected death" , says Lee's younger brother that will be one of producers. Who will star as Bruce Lee and who will direct the film was not revealed yet.


  1. The seinfeld re-union is gonna be awesome...i saw it a while ago here http://larrydavidfan.com/2009/03/08/curbs-seinfeld-reunion/ But i guess it wasnt until recently that it was officially announced. It would be awesome if they would do more seinfeld or something together (just wishful thinking i guess).

  2. I heard about it some time ago too, but it didn't feel substantial until more info and pics started to appear. It takes time to digest something like that.

    As I understand they are not going to show the "fake" episode they are, supposedly, filmed. Only the process of working on the set and interactions. They did something similar in the show when they were doing "Jerry" sitcom for NBC. So no more actual Seinfeld episodes, but this should be good enough.