24 July 2009

Occasional Acid Flashback

This footage from TRON Legacy was shown last year at the Comic Con, the whole three years before the movie hits the theaters and way before the actual filming started last spring. So what is it? My only guess that this is just a trial scene that was made by Joseph Kosinski, the newcomer director that it will be his first feature film after several commercials he did before, to impress the studio and to get the reigns to his hands. I am not sure we will eventually see this scene in the film itself, that will be out only in 2011, but it is a fine example of what to expect. Now it became available to the general public in high quality, and here it is.

The movie is, of course, a much anticipated sequel to the cult pop product TRON from 1982, and it has the potential to became truly cultural phenomenon (Daft Punk are rumored to score the soundtrack). The budget is huge, the interest is big, so expect lots of viral promotion, this is for certain will be box office hit.

Additional crystal clean HD versions: 720p and 1080p and also at this link.

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