25 July 2009

A tree falls in the forest

Full trailer for Norwegian horror thriller Snarveien (Detour) is here. The film will be released in Norway next week, and I believe DVD will be available later this year. Judging by the trailer, it's worth to check it out.

Lina and Martin are smuggling cheap booze from Sweden across the border for a wedding party in Norway. At a roadblock, they are told to take a detour, due to an accident. Deep inside the Swedish woods, their car suffers a tire blow-out, and they seek assistance at an abandoned gas station. Soon after, they encounter a girl screaming for help. They assist a policeman in returning the now unconscious girl to a spooky house in the middle of the woods, unaware that they are under constant video surveillance. Unwittingly they have landed leading roles in an Internet snuff film…

[Official website]


  1. This looks pretty good

    A quick rough translation of conversation:
    The first scene the guy with the girl asks his friend if he has the list. His friend says of course and then he says metal and booze.
    The cop is saying that there's been an accident up ahead and its probably gonna be a few hours. But he says if you want you can take a different road...its gonna take a little longer...but its quicker than waiting here.

    Later when the girl is found, the guy is saying she was just standing in the middle of the road. The cop is saying that this girl lives just down the road from here. And its not the first time she's been found like this.

    The last scene in the car the guy says to the girl, what the hell happened to you. The girl says you gotta call the cops. The guy says the cops? Isnt it better that we call the emergency room (or ambulance).

  2. Thanks Frank, I wondered what they were saying.