30 August 2009

City in the Clouds

Japanese trailer for Astro Boy shows more emotional side of the robot boy, as he understands that he is not human and his father has hard time to accept his new shell. So he goes to adventure just to learn that he doesn't need to be flesh and bone to have a heart.
As the content of the movie gets clearer, I can't help but notice that it's a bit childish, with all the cheesy moral lessons about friendship and true value of humanity. I am afraid somebody is trying to play it safe and do it Disney style. Considering that production company was bankrupted just half a year ago and needed to find new investors with money just to keep working on their projects, I am not surprised that all they want now is to make money. Oh well.
And is it me or the flying city reminds a bit imperial cruiser, at least from the side?

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