28 August 2009

What's That Sound?

New trailer for The Descent: Part 2 only proves that sometimes the concept idea is so strong that you don't have to try too much, everything just works out automatically. I mean, take bunch of people, put them in the caves deep underground, bring in nasty creatures and there you have it. Anyone with just an average understanding in filmmaking will be able to make it untouchable. Don't think it will be as good as the first one, but as thrilling and scary? Sure. It just can't be otherwise with such material.

Previous trailer - here.


  1. The fist one was awesome!

  2. Yes, indeed. One of my favorite horror films, and it was absolutely terrifying - I like to watch my horrors in dark room at night. Increases the fear sensation.

  3. wait...i thought she didnt make it out in the first movie...or was that someone else? From what i remember she imagined herself escaping...but was in reality stuck down there...but then again there was a different ending where she did make it out...but wasnt there a monster in the vehicle or something...ah shit i need to re-watch this lol
    But yeah the first movie is awesome...its a great scenario...where you dont know whats there and you can barely see anyhting...the unknown is very often more scary than what the reality is.

  4. Apparently, they decided to go with the "she escaped" ending to continue the story for the sequel. The whole "return with a better prepared group to face the monsters" reminds me of "Aliens". What I loved also about the first was the all women cast, just as I loved the all men cast in "The Thing".