28 August 2009

No Soup For You

Parodies were always popular in the adult movie industry. And why not? Screenplay with original ideas is not the strong side of the porn business anyway, so why not take something famous in the popular culture, with already established name, and ride on its success. Ha ha! Ride on its success! Sometimes I make myself laugh.
I already mentioned Star Trek XXX parody before, but now it seems that popular TV shows are getting their own special creampie treatment. Shows like Seinfeld, Scrubs, The Office and Friends are getting facials and hard core makeovers, and receive an XXX adaptations. And they actually have a story and look pretty funny, you can really see the effort in writing!
Of course, don't expect anything mind blowing here, after all it's just another porn, but it sure looks amusing. There will be all kinds of other blowing, but that's a usual thing. So here, enjoy these trailers that have no explicit images, which is only emphasizing the bad acting. Seinfeld is my favorite due to sometimes amazing similarity to the original, but others are also fine.

The rest is below.



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