05 August 2009

Duck and Cover

As oppose to lame vampires, that lately appear like mushrooms after the rain, zombies are actually have much cooler status in my realm. I mean, you don't expect from zombies to wear stylish dark clothes, talk elegantly and drink blood from Gothic goblets with hand made ornaments. Zombies are pure form of decay, of violence and of fear, you can also kill them with less respect. Stake through the heart, pfff, what kind of romantic bull-crap is that? Just stick the shotgun to prick's face and pull the trigger.
New red band trailer for Zombieland does just that and more, mixing together bloody violence, total abuse of human bodies, dark humor and unlikely heroes in unexpected situations.


  1. I think i'm gonna love the fuck out of this movie lol

  2. Right, ah? Looks like sardonic humor and macabre violence are coming strong in future films.