05 August 2009

Great, more Vampires

I am no sure what to make of this trailer for Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. It's good to see John C. Reilly anytime, but the movie looks more like a teenagers stuff, "I am a bored teen in rich and sated community, so I might as well run away and join the circus, that will show my stupid parents" kind of rebellion. And vampires again?
Typical Hollywood production seems slick, as should be, so it maybe worth a look after all.

Ha-ha! Apparently that bearded woman is Salma Hayek, that was already posing with a unibrow (and I am pretty sure I saw a mustache too) in her biopic Frida. She really diggs the facial hair, ah?


  1. Looks interesting...but i agree on the bored rich kid thing. Spiderman/Harry Potter/Twilight mix? lol Reilly as a vampire seems interesting, maybe it will be worth checking out.

  2. It will be equal between good parts and bad. Something to see once and forget a day later.